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Monday, May 30, 2011

its all about us.

i don't know since when i fall in love with you. kau buat aku happy. all the time yang kita luangkan buat aku senyum. i admit i do love you for a long time. tapi aku tak pernah luahkan. for me , just let me and myself je yang tahu. maybe it's not a right time for you to know. i keep it secretly and at last i'm just too hurt. untuk masa yang agak lama air mata aku jatuh lagi. i'm trying to be like nothing happen but i can't. just you in my head. i don't know whether you feel the same as mine. can we make it clear ? whatever it is i try to accept. at least aku tahu yang sebenarnya. even every single word that you gonna say will hurting me more. i just wanna know the truth. if we are not meant together , i let you go and wish you happiness. thanks a lot for the sweetest things that you ever did before :') dan aku betul-betul hargai. i thought you gonna be the only one person yang akan buat aku gelak bahagia. tapi semua tu mimpi belaka.

p/s : sorry for the word ' aku kau ' walaupun tak pernah guna bahasa tu when together kan. just entah lah.

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